Pre-Owned Boat Policy

At Old Mill Marina, we offer a broad selection of pre-owned watercraft to suit your family's needs. Each of our boats goes through a 35 point inspection to determine safety, runability, mechanical condition, operating condition and cosmetic condition. A copy of each individual report is available to potential buyers to help you make a better purchase decision.

As with all boats, every pre-owned unit is subject to potential repairs, but at Old Mill Marina we have tried to alleviate some of your concerns by offering a Mechanical Warranty on our pre-owned units. The warranty is scaled by age and brand, and applies to engine/drive system mechanical failures only.

From time to time, we do list consignment boats for sale on behalf of our customers. Consignment boats are sold as is, where is, and do not have any warranty, expressed or implied, by Old Mill Marina or by the consignor.

Age of Boat
Old Mill Marina Sold
Boat When New
Originally Purchased
0 to 3 Years 1 Year / 100% coverage 1 Year / 50% coverage
3 to 5 Years 1 Year / 50% coverage 90 Days / 50% coverage
5 to 7 Years 90 Days / 50% coverage 30 days / 50% coverage
7 to 10 Years 30 days / 50% coverage As Is
11+ Years As Is As Is

*All failures must be reported to Old MIll Marina and inspected by Old Mill technicians for authorization. Pre-Owned Warranty Policy repairs must be performed at Old Mill Marina. Old Mill Marina is not responsible for incedentals, injuries, secondary failures or time lost due to failures under the Pre-Owned Warranty Policy.